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Catching Up!

I can't believe that it's been a month since the last time I wrote in here. My apologies for not writing soon. I know that I always say this... But I will try to visit you as often as I can to post updates or just give you bits and pieces on what's happening. The last couple of weeks was really crazy! Some highlights on what's happening with my life lately...


It was my first payday weekend! After the long wait, I finally got my first paycheck! I couldn't help to feel excited since it's been awhile since I last received one. And what's the best way to spend it by bringing it back to the people who I love the most! I invited of course my parents and my Tita who is special to me. Not trying to sound emotional but these are the people who stood by me at my lowest point and helped me out in times of need.

So I decided to treat them out for a Thai lunch out to have them experience it. We decided to eat at Banana Leaf at Trinoma. This is really one of my favorite restaurants, it is something unique and just right for my taste palette. The one stood out for me is the Clams with Oyster Sauce, I love it but though it was kinda spicy. Here's what we have ordered.


After the hearty lunch, my Tita and I went to Landmark to do some grocery. Got home just in time for dinner. Ended up buying a lot. This is how much I miss having trip to the grocery store. Such a stress reliever.


Went to the church with the whole fambam and after that, we decided to have lunch at Friday's to celebrate Father's Day. We ended up having 11K as for our total bill! It was crazy!


Madie & Me


It was all worth it though! Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you!


Decided to drop by at Ortigas and catch up with my ex-officemates and good friends Jenni & Donna. I truly miss my JobsDB days! Can't believe that it was already 4 years since I left. Crazy!


There were lots of catching up happened. Marvin & Nelson followed afterwards. It was such a fun night! Let's catch again really soon!


After my meeting in Trinoma, I decided to have my haircut at Bench Fix Lab. It feels so great! It's been awhile since I had my trip to salon. I love how it turned out! Here's a peek!

Me right after my haircut & me stuck in traffic all the way to the office!


Then the day after that, I treated myself for a massage. Checked out this new spa in West Avenue called Tamarind Spa, it was great! I love the massage and the tamarind tea that came after. It was such a blissful experience!


I dropped by at Quiapo and bought my monthly dose of DVDs! It was crazy! My friend Dawnie already pointed me on where to buy the cheapest DVD stalls and he told me when I entered in the store I was like a kid entering a candy store! Well, I got so giddy and excited! Gosh! It was freakin' Php 30 per TV series! That was really crazy! I just couldn't get a hang of it! There were so many to choose from! From old to the new ones! It was amazing! And I ended up buying lots of it!

After that, I went to MOA and met up with a good friend of mine, Xandre. We decided to have dinner at Ihop and there were lots of catching up as well. It was been months since the last time I saw him. We decided to have dinner at Ihop, the steak was good! Kinda pricey though...


Got home roughly around 9 p.m. just in time for my Big Brother marathon!


It was Friday! And the schedule that I had was crazy! 3 meetings back-to-back-to-back literally! And I still have to go to our Makati office to actually do some quick errands and fix some stuff. Stuck in traffic for two whole hours and decided not to go home. I called my good friend, Abbey and she told me that she will be on her way to the Fort because she will be treating her family because it was her birthday. So I decided to drop by at Banapple in Mc Kinley Hill to have dinner and celebrate. After the dinner, we ended up having coffee at BGC! Got home around 12 mn already. I was so freakin' tired!


As for the 2nd part of her birthday celebration, Abbey and I decided to go to S&R and started to do some grocery shopping. It was actually my first time going there to actually shop. It turned out to be a really bad experience though because I didn't buy much! I ended up buying just a few stuff because everything they sell was really big! As in literally! Then, I ended up having pizza and roast chicken.


I already started watching the latest season of my most favorite series of all time... Grey's Anatomy and as expected, I couldn't help feeling emotional! This series always makes me cry everytime I watch it. My favorite episode is April's wedding wherein Jackson interrupted in the wedding and confessed his true feelings for her. It was crazy. It was also time to bid farewell to some of the cast members such as Brooke who died because she was electrocuted, Murphy who failed her residency and the most shocking twist of it all was as the series bid farewell to one of the main characters of series and my favorite too, Christina Yang! Special highlights also was Burke had a special participation and also Meredith has another step sister which I suspect Weber's daughter from Ellis! Can't wait for season 11! I'm not catching up with Glee Season 5, which I'm quite disappointed during the Quarterback episode. I was expecting an ultimate tearjerker episode which turned out to be not. Mas naiyak pa ko sa "The Break-up" episode nila actually.

Attended the mass with the whole family, it was also the send off 56 Relics of different religious icons and saints. Then, we went to my sister's place to celebrate my Tito Stalin's death anniversary. As usual, the whole herd was there except for my eldest sister who is recovering from her operation.



Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without my food trips. Been exploring a lot of restaurants lately especially now that I have my food buddy in the office, Carissa! Here are some of the stuff that I've been eating lately. Check it out.


The ones that stand out for me are... Recovery Food's Tapa De Morning - I love the tapa beef strips! So tender!, Bizu's Sundried Tomato & Herb Bread Disc, Relik's Garlic Chicken & Everything At Steak's Spinach & Aoili Dip it was all good!

As for the other news...

We just finished our planning session and I'm looking forward to more fruitful months to come. I'm just getting worried from time to time since I still don't have a sale yet. I do hope that it will come really soon though. I just have to make sure everything has to be delivered because I just couldn't quit and give up everything at this point since I'm still on the recovery stage.

So I really hope that things will get better!

Anyway, that will be all for now. Will catch you soon! And promise, I will try to update you as often as I can.

Til next time!