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Monthly Round-up

Again, I seriously apologize for not writing soon. As always, there's just so many things that are happening and I always end up going home late so there's no time to actually write. Anyway, here's a quick round up on what's happening lately. I will try my best to visit and update you often.


Attended the Solar TV trade launch since we are one of the sponsors the event. I couldn't remember when was the last time I went to the party. I was feeling different... clearly partying is not my scene anymore. It was a nice experience though. Managed to see a lot of colleagues in the advertising industry and lots of celebrities too. What made it semi-controversial is that I ended up flirting with someone only to find out that my boss knows him. Small world huh?! It didn't prosper though since I feel that it is just a one time thing! The party was a success though... :)


Went to Tagaytay with my officemates to attend Vero's wedding. I love the simplicity and intimacy of the celebration. I even love the concept of the event - not that grand but everything was just right. I love the songs that were played since Vero's husband is very musically inclined. Love the food - started with just a simple bread with various spreads, followed by hearty soup, garden salad, two-way pasta plus roast beef & lechon ending it with a simple chocolate cake and juice. Had a few glasses of white wines and JD Coke. I ended up hitching with Rich and got home just in time to take a rest. Here are some pics of the event.

Vero 21

Vero 3

Vero 11


Went out an impromptu night out with one of my best-est couple: Gayle & Gino. We just wanted to catch up with what's happening and unwind as well. We ended up hanging out some bar in Quezon City area. I just had a couple of beers and quick chat with just about anything. I miss hanging out with my college friends. We have been trying to organize a reunion but we just couldn't find the right time. Hope it will push through one of these days...



We were supposed to meet with some of my high school friends but unfortunately it didn't push through. I ended up having 1-on-1 session with Ryan drinking Bacardi. I ended up getting drunk. Gosh, I ended up taking a nap in one of the restaurant's restrooms in the Fort area. (LOL!) I will not get drunk again! Imagine, I ended up going home at 5 a.m.? It was such a crazy night!!! Note to self, will not drink Bacardi Gold again!


The last two weeks was hell. I was sick for two whole weeks, I had my checked up and the doctor told me that I couldn't be able to go to work because I was contagious! So I ended up staying and working at home. However, that didn't stopped me for being busy. I was working literally while I was having my "episode". Speaking of episodes, the only good thing that happened is that I managed to catch up with my TV series. I ended up watching two classic shows: Six Feet Under and Dawson's Creek.



I've always been a fan of HBO series. It's always something fresh, new and exciting. Starting from being an ultimate fan of Sex & the City. Six Feet Under has a totally different approach which I love about the show. The plot and setting are kinda different, not everyone will appreciate it though. It has it's own following with a hint of a dark comedy, drama and morbid twists into it. I love the show for aside that it is something unique, it touched a lot of forbidden topics that opened a whole new genre and controversy to the viewers. Not for everyone though. I've finished season 4 and I still have 1 season to go to actually finish the whole series. I wonder what will happen to the Fisher family and how they will end it... Can't wait to finish it!



Now this one is a classic too! I remember this watching it with my sisters. I couldn't forget the episode wherein Katie Holmes sang Les Miserables' On My Own during a pageant. That's one of the most memorable episodes for me in the entire series run. Watching it allover again, I couldn't believe that the characters have really come a long way - Who would've thought that Katie Holmes will become Tom Cruise's wife?! And Michelle Williams came a long way after this... Whew! There's even an episode wherein Brittany Daniel (Elizabeth in SVH TV series) is one of the guest stars. I love Pacey the best! :) He is awfully funny and cute too! He reminds me of Adam Brody in The O.C. I'm already starting season 3 and plot actually get thickens... Can't wait to finish everything so that I will be able to move with my series and movies backlog. I'm way way way behind!


Stopped by at Mayumi's 1st birthday. And managed to catch up with one of my college friends, Leo. I just couldn't say no to Gayle because she was one of the few people who was there with me when I had a rough time. She literally helped me in patching things up. Anyway, Mayumi is so cute! I literally want to take her home! :) Food was great too! I love the Pancit and Chicken Barbecue plus the fish ball and ice cream station too. :)

I guess that would be all for now. Will not post my food trips anymore since there are a lot that has been going on. I will try to update as often as I can so that I can do food reviews and stuff.

Til next time and happy Sunday!