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Feb. 13th, 2015

The Grey Fever

“Mr. Grey will see you now.” – Fifty Shades of Grey, 2015


For starters, I am not a fan.

I guess my friend Hazel has too much influence on me because she was raving about this for weeks! Yes, I’ve heard about the book, came up in a conversation or two with friends and I probably did checked it out in the bookstore because the book cover is such “scene-stealer”. But it ends there. And then, news came out that it will hit the big screen particularly on Valentine’s Day. For those single ladies who have no date on Valentine’s Day, this will be a perfect movie night out with the rest of your single friends. Hooray for Universal Pictures for doing a great marketing strategy. The timing was impeccable.

We watched it on the first day of showing and talked about lines! Thank God for the advanced booking of tickets or else, we will be doomed! The seats were strategically chosen. I must say, we had the best seats in the house. Not too near and not too far, just right… Dominant audience were female of course (that’s a given!) and you will hear all the murmurs and excitement was really in the air as they fix themselves and get ready inside the movie house. After a series of advisories and trailers, the moment that the Universal Pictures logo appeared in the screen, the crowd went wild! They were screaming, laughing and shouting. My initial reaction was laugh as my friend grabbed me in my arms as the movie was about to start…

The opening credits and visuals of the movie gives you a peak on the life of Christian Grey — the apartment, the furniture, the gray ties until it revealed a shot of the Jamie Dornan’s back getting ready to jog — mind you, half naked! And that’s when the crowd cheered louder than the first one. And then a much louder cheer one after the other everytime Jamie will appear in the screen until the big reveal. The crowd’s reaction was contagious! I myself got carried away too.

I haven’t read the book yet that’s why I have no comparison yet. But here’s my shameless take of the movie…

I like it! More than the sex, nudity and controversy… I like it because it’s a love story. I’m a sucker for romantic movies, it’s the kind of movie that makes you squirm, cry your heart out and get really emotional because you are so caught up with the scenes.

I love how Dakota Johnson portrayed the role of Anastasia Steele. She was the underdog. A simple, ordinary quirky girl who is very clueless on who Christian Grey is.


I have no idea How Christian Grey is described in the book because I’m getting mixed signals. Some of my friends says that Jamie Dornan doesn’t fit the role and some say he is broodingly and mysteriously handsome which fits Christian Grey’s description in the book so I don’t know which one to believe. But judging with the movie as it is, I love how Jamie portrayed Christian Grey’s character. I love how the way he looks, his facial expressions and oh boy, I so love the fashion! It’s like watching the male version of Devil Wears Prada. Every look that he had was so unique that it seemed like he came out in a spread of GQ or Men’s Vogue magazine. I couldn’t blame the female crowd going gaga over him everytime he appears and moreover when he took his shirt off.


Christian Grey's opening credits without the face. The crowd went wild. Seriously!


Christian Grey shirtless in his apartment

I like his facial expressions and how he evoked his emotions. Most especially in the scene wherein he was being photographed and then the photographer asked him to smile and he just gave a smirk. That pretty much sums it all on what type of personality he has. He was so in character!

I love the plot and the setting, not your usual New York feel. I like how the story on how they met and how opposite they are with each other and yet so the same; each has its own secrets and hidden desires. The movie is very expressive with not too much words but their actions says it all — the way they touch, the way Anastasia bites her lips, the panting after seeing Christian the first time with matching rain. All made it more interesting and mysterious that you want to know what will happen next.

I can so relate with Anastasia’s character – controlled with her emotions at first and lets it all out when the opportunity already strikes. I love that her character is a fighter and yet submissive at the same time, how she demands and questions things to Christian and eventually she was caught up in the web and fell so madly in love with him.

The soundtrack — it was amazing! I love the way it was incorporated in the film and it’s unique rendition of the songs everytime something major happens in the movie. Fell in love with the 2014 rendition of Beyonce’s Crazy in Love while it is being played in one of the scenes, there’s just so much intensity.

Love Me Like You Do

Craxy In Love 2014 Remix

The most memorable and the best scene for me is the punishment and elevator scene. Damn! That was so intense that I managed to spill out a series of gasps and shouted “Oh Shit!” in the movie house! It was a roller coaster of emotions that drove me to that particular scene. It was an amazing and brilliant performance of Dakota! Bravo!

The movie is already R-18 and I was so so so disappointed when I found out that there were so many cuts have been made and some scenes were blurred because of nudity. MTRCB did a bad call for not showing the film completely because for me it was tastefully done. I find it so prude! Obviously, there will be a lot of nudity involved and sex scenes will be intense because the governing plot of the movie is about BDSM. That’s why I was kinda disappointed with it. Nevertheless, that’s what the DVDs are for. I will definitely buy the DVD once it is release already, making sure that there will no cuts and I will definitely watch it again.

Overall, I love the story. I love how it is done. I believe that it is done beautifully. Heck! I even love the ending of the movie because it left me hanging and expect that you will be coming for more. Piece of advice though, don’t watch this movie with your boyfriend or date, you should watch this with your friends! Preferably single friends!


Hazel, Ryan & Me before the movie!


Our Post Christian Grey's Faces! All smiles! :) :) :)

I will definitely buy the book and read it so that I will be able to compare it. I’m sorry. I’m not being too mushy and sentimental but I just couldn’t help but compare it at some levels on what’s happening in my personal life right now. Maybe that’s why I love the movie so much because I can relate to at some point. Not the BDSM part mind you! :P

I’m closing this as one of the quotes in the book which I really like…

“I’ve kissed a prince, I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a frog!”

Oh well…

Laters baby…



Sep. 28th, 2014

Let's Do A Recap!


Decided to treat my parents for a quick merienda after dropping by at the hospital. Since my mom loves Chinese food, I decided to treat them at WangFu. I've seen this on TV and it has great reviews, so we decided to check it out.

Arrived there around 3:30 p.m. in the middle of un-holy hours in the afternoon and we are the only customers in the restaurant. Since, we were a bit hungry we decided to have a full meal. Here's what we've ordered:


(L-R: Seafood Green Soup, Siomai, Hakaw, Kung Pao Chicken, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Spinach & My Loving Parents)

My final verdict. It's one of the best Chinese restaurant I've ever eaten. As in walang tapon! Though it's a little bit pricey but it was absolutely worth it. If the budget permits... Yes! I will definitely go back again! Plus, seeing my mom & dad smiles when I took the picture it was absolutely priceless for me!


My ultimate comfort food is back!!! I can't help myself! The day it was released I quickly stopped by at the nearest Mc Donald's store and bought one for me to munch on my way to work. Paired it with the Green Apple Float, it's truly a great way to start my morning! #HoorayforToday


The last couple of weeks was really hectic since I really have to hit my targets and glad I managed. Everything was a result of hardwork, sacrifice and passion. I know for a fact, getting this job will be challenging and it actually doubles because being in advertising plus sales makes it double whammy! Happy though because I'm finally getting back on track after the long hiatus. My only wish for now is to keep the ball rolling and hope that things will be actually gets better really soon!


My cousin Mina, invited us to their place to have a simple celebration since it's my niece's birthday. It was nice seeing my nieces again, too bad Chandler and Lance didn't join since they told my sister they don't want to party with all-girls! (How sexist?!) LOL! Anyway, here's a snapshot of Ken while blowing her birthday cake.



After the party, I went to Bob's place in Novaliches for his housewarming party. Yes, he already bought a new house! Glad that everything is going great for him. Anyway, it was a fun night. Nice seeing everyone again. Food was superb too. Here are some of the pics that night! And oh! Nice seeing Jude too!




It's the annual Cosmo Bachelor Bash and I must say that this is one of the best Cosmo Bachelor Bash ever! Seriously, I just lost track on how many oh my gosh's I've mentioned that night! Great job Summit Media team and Robbie Carmona which I assumed that he again directed the show. It was spectacular. Saw old colleagues, friends in the industry and others. It was sort of a get together too! And look who I bumped into during the event...


And here are some of the memorable pics of the night! And oh boy! Was it HOT!





Special thanks to Anna, for giving me VIP tickets! Til next year bitches!



After a fun-filled night! It's time for a different kind of fun. I attended a 2-day IMMAP Summit. It's an annual event of the best of the best in the digital industry. I really miss being a part of the action. It was absolutely amazing hearing all these digital gods and goddesses talk about there experiences and insights. There are just so many things to learn. Saw a lot of my colleagues in the digital industry and managed to catch up with some of the people too.

The bad news is, I will be swamped with work over the next couple of weeks since I was in the seminar for two whole days.


Weekend was great! Managed to shop since it was a payday! I was accompanied with my colleague Carissa. I bought the following just to have a quick rundown:

- Maldita Green Polo Shirt & Red Leather Belt
- Girbaud Black Water Repellent Bag & Red Sneakers
- Bench Hankies & Undies
- Merger Violet & Black Long Sleeves
- CDR King Power Bank
- Cable Monster Iphone Cable Charger

To end the day, I went to Nuat Thai in Tomas Morato for a relaxing massage. Life is good! Hope it keeps that way. Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

Til our next chat! Ciao!



Sep. 7th, 2014

Monthly Round-up

Again, I seriously apologize for not writing soon. As always, there's just so many things that are happening and I always end up going home late so there's no time to actually write. Anyway, here's a quick round up on what's happening lately. I will try my best to visit and update you often.


Attended the Solar TV trade launch since we are one of the sponsors the event. I couldn't remember when was the last time I went to the party. I was feeling different... clearly partying is not my scene anymore. It was a nice experience though. Managed to see a lot of colleagues in the advertising industry and lots of celebrities too. What made it semi-controversial is that I ended up flirting with someone only to find out that my boss knows him. Small world huh?! It didn't prosper though since I feel that it is just a one time thing! The party was a success though... :)


Went to Tagaytay with my officemates to attend Vero's wedding. I love the simplicity and intimacy of the celebration. I even love the concept of the event - not that grand but everything was just right. I love the songs that were played since Vero's husband is very musically inclined. Love the food - started with just a simple bread with various spreads, followed by hearty soup, garden salad, two-way pasta plus roast beef & lechon ending it with a simple chocolate cake and juice. Had a few glasses of white wines and JD Coke. I ended up hitching with Rich and got home just in time to take a rest. Here are some pics of the event.

Vero 21

Vero 3

Vero 11


Went out an impromptu night out with one of my best-est couple: Gayle & Gino. We just wanted to catch up with what's happening and unwind as well. We ended up hanging out some bar in Quezon City area. I just had a couple of beers and quick chat with just about anything. I miss hanging out with my college friends. We have been trying to organize a reunion but we just couldn't find the right time. Hope it will push through one of these days...



We were supposed to meet with some of my high school friends but unfortunately it didn't push through. I ended up having 1-on-1 session with Ryan drinking Bacardi. I ended up getting drunk. Gosh, I ended up taking a nap in one of the restaurant's restrooms in the Fort area. (LOL!) I will not get drunk again! Imagine, I ended up going home at 5 a.m.? It was such a crazy night!!! Note to self, will not drink Bacardi Gold again!


The last two weeks was hell. I was sick for two whole weeks, I had my checked up and the doctor told me that I couldn't be able to go to work because I was contagious! So I ended up staying and working at home. However, that didn't stopped me for being busy. I was working literally while I was having my "episode". Speaking of episodes, the only good thing that happened is that I managed to catch up with my TV series. I ended up watching two classic shows: Six Feet Under and Dawson's Creek.



I've always been a fan of HBO series. It's always something fresh, new and exciting. Starting from being an ultimate fan of Sex & the City. Six Feet Under has a totally different approach which I love about the show. The plot and setting are kinda different, not everyone will appreciate it though. It has it's own following with a hint of a dark comedy, drama and morbid twists into it. I love the show for aside that it is something unique, it touched a lot of forbidden topics that opened a whole new genre and controversy to the viewers. Not for everyone though. I've finished season 4 and I still have 1 season to go to actually finish the whole series. I wonder what will happen to the Fisher family and how they will end it... Can't wait to finish it!



Now this one is a classic too! I remember this watching it with my sisters. I couldn't forget the episode wherein Katie Holmes sang Les Miserables' On My Own during a pageant. That's one of the most memorable episodes for me in the entire series run. Watching it allover again, I couldn't believe that the characters have really come a long way - Who would've thought that Katie Holmes will become Tom Cruise's wife?! And Michelle Williams came a long way after this... Whew! There's even an episode wherein Brittany Daniel (Elizabeth in SVH TV series) is one of the guest stars. I love Pacey the best! :) He is awfully funny and cute too! He reminds me of Adam Brody in The O.C. I'm already starting season 3 and plot actually get thickens... Can't wait to finish everything so that I will be able to move with my series and movies backlog. I'm way way way behind!


Stopped by at Mayumi's 1st birthday. And managed to catch up with one of my college friends, Leo. I just couldn't say no to Gayle because she was one of the few people who was there with me when I had a rough time. She literally helped me in patching things up. Anyway, Mayumi is so cute! I literally want to take her home! :) Food was great too! I love the Pancit and Chicken Barbecue plus the fish ball and ice cream station too. :)

I guess that would be all for now. Will not post my food trips anymore since there are a lot that has been going on. I will try to update as often as I can so that I can do food reviews and stuff.

Til next time and happy Sunday!



Jul. 20th, 2014

Catching Up!

I can't believe that it's been a month since the last time I wrote in here. My apologies for not writing soon. I know that I always say this... But I will try to visit you as often as I can to post updates or just give you bits and pieces on what's happening. The last couple of weeks was really crazy! Some highlights on what's happening with my life lately...


It was my first payday weekend! After the long wait, I finally got my first paycheck! I couldn't help to feel excited since it's been awhile since I last received one. And what's the best way to spend it by bringing it back to the people who I love the most! I invited of course my parents and my Tita who is special to me. Not trying to sound emotional but these are the people who stood by me at my lowest point and helped me out in times of need.

So I decided to treat them out for a Thai lunch out to have them experience it. We decided to eat at Banana Leaf at Trinoma. This is really one of my favorite restaurants, it is something unique and just right for my taste palette. The one stood out for me is the Clams with Oyster Sauce, I love it but though it was kinda spicy. Here's what we have ordered.


After the hearty lunch, my Tita and I went to Landmark to do some grocery. Got home just in time for dinner. Ended up buying a lot. This is how much I miss having trip to the grocery store. Such a stress reliever.


Went to the church with the whole fambam and after that, we decided to have lunch at Friday's to celebrate Father's Day. We ended up having 11K as for our total bill! It was crazy!


Madie & Me


It was all worth it though! Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you!


Decided to drop by at Ortigas and catch up with my ex-officemates and good friends Jenni & Donna. I truly miss my JobsDB days! Can't believe that it was already 4 years since I left. Crazy!


There were lots of catching up happened. Marvin & Nelson followed afterwards. It was such a fun night! Let's catch again really soon!


After my meeting in Trinoma, I decided to have my haircut at Bench Fix Lab. It feels so great! It's been awhile since I had my trip to salon. I love how it turned out! Here's a peek!

Me right after my haircut & me stuck in traffic all the way to the office!


Then the day after that, I treated myself for a massage. Checked out this new spa in West Avenue called Tamarind Spa, it was great! I love the massage and the tamarind tea that came after. It was such a blissful experience!


I dropped by at Quiapo and bought my monthly dose of DVDs! It was crazy! My friend Dawnie already pointed me on where to buy the cheapest DVD stalls and he told me when I entered in the store I was like a kid entering a candy store! Well, I got so giddy and excited! Gosh! It was freakin' Php 30 per TV series! That was really crazy! I just couldn't get a hang of it! There were so many to choose from! From old to the new ones! It was amazing! And I ended up buying lots of it!

After that, I went to MOA and met up with a good friend of mine, Xandre. We decided to have dinner at Ihop and there were lots of catching up as well. It was been months since the last time I saw him. We decided to have dinner at Ihop, the steak was good! Kinda pricey though...


Got home roughly around 9 p.m. just in time for my Big Brother marathon!


It was Friday! And the schedule that I had was crazy! 3 meetings back-to-back-to-back literally! And I still have to go to our Makati office to actually do some quick errands and fix some stuff. Stuck in traffic for two whole hours and decided not to go home. I called my good friend, Abbey and she told me that she will be on her way to the Fort because she will be treating her family because it was her birthday. So I decided to drop by at Banapple in Mc Kinley Hill to have dinner and celebrate. After the dinner, we ended up having coffee at BGC! Got home around 12 mn already. I was so freakin' tired!


As for the 2nd part of her birthday celebration, Abbey and I decided to go to S&R and started to do some grocery shopping. It was actually my first time going there to actually shop. It turned out to be a really bad experience though because I didn't buy much! I ended up buying just a few stuff because everything they sell was really big! As in literally! Then, I ended up having pizza and roast chicken.


I already started watching the latest season of my most favorite series of all time... Grey's Anatomy and as expected, I couldn't help feeling emotional! This series always makes me cry everytime I watch it. My favorite episode is April's wedding wherein Jackson interrupted in the wedding and confessed his true feelings for her. It was crazy. It was also time to bid farewell to some of the cast members such as Brooke who died because she was electrocuted, Murphy who failed her residency and the most shocking twist of it all was as the series bid farewell to one of the main characters of series and my favorite too, Christina Yang! Special highlights also was Burke had a special participation and also Meredith has another step sister which I suspect Weber's daughter from Ellis! Can't wait for season 11! I'm not catching up with Glee Season 5, which I'm quite disappointed during the Quarterback episode. I was expecting an ultimate tearjerker episode which turned out to be not. Mas naiyak pa ko sa "The Break-up" episode nila actually.

Attended the mass with the whole family, it was also the send off 56 Relics of different religious icons and saints. Then, we went to my sister's place to celebrate my Tito Stalin's death anniversary. As usual, the whole herd was there except for my eldest sister who is recovering from her operation.



Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without my food trips. Been exploring a lot of restaurants lately especially now that I have my food buddy in the office, Carissa! Here are some of the stuff that I've been eating lately. Check it out.


The ones that stand out for me are... Recovery Food's Tapa De Morning - I love the tapa beef strips! So tender!, Bizu's Sundried Tomato & Herb Bread Disc, Relik's Garlic Chicken & Everything At Steak's Spinach & Aoili Dip it was all good!

As for the other news...

We just finished our planning session and I'm looking forward to more fruitful months to come. I'm just getting worried from time to time since I still don't have a sale yet. I do hope that it will come really soon though. I just have to make sure everything has to be delivered because I just couldn't quit and give up everything at this point since I'm still on the recovery stage.

So I really hope that things will get better!

Anyway, that will be all for now. Will catch you soon! And promise, I will try to update you as often as I can.

Til next time!



Jun. 12th, 2014

Kevin's Birthday!

The last couple of days were pretty much intense! I was rushing for a deck for a client and it was just really impossible to finish. It was crazy because there are so many things that were needed to be done. One thing that I hate most in advertising is strat planning! It really gets into my nerves everytime I'm doing it. But of course, you just have to make it everything happen.

Well, we ended up finishing it anyway! With the help of my new mate, Rich! And oh boy! It was tedious! So we ended up finishing everything at 11:30 p.m. while having tea in BGC! Now, all we got to do now is pray and cross our fingers that everything pushes through. I'll keep you posted.

Today, we went to attend my nephew's birthday celebration. It was fun seeing everyone again. The theme was Rio and it was so fun dressing up. Here are a couple of pics while we are prepping up for the party.



And here's Kevin's cake proudly made by my sister! Isn't it cool?!


We went home immediately after the party. Everyone was just tired. Once I arrived, I was already in deep slumber.

Can't wait for tomorrow! It's payday weekend! And looking forward for our father's day celebration!

Will update really soon!

And oh! Happy Independence Day everyone!



Jun. 8th, 2014

Sunday Slowdown!

I'm currently here in my room, munching a bag of Cheetos in a one hot Sunday afternoon. I decided not to leave the house today because it's really scorching hot outside. I will not be surprised if you get really burned stepping outside the house. And besides, this is way much better curling up in my room and catching up with my DVDs. Tomorrow, will be already in full swing! Considering that the kids will be going back to school after their summer vacation. So, hello traffic! Everything will just be back to normal.

I survived the first week at work and there are so many things to do already. Not that I'm complaining. It's actually good to be back, racking my rusty brains after from a long rest. It's back to strategies, mock-ups, decks, logos and the rest of the advertising shit!

Haven't been touring around the complete building but like what have my boss told me, it's pretty much cool. Considering that we have our own Starbucks inside, they have Wendy's, KFC, Sbarro, Plato Wraps and other asian cuisines too. Ice & Water vendo machines are also located in the cafeteria. We have our own BPI bank so that we don't have to fall long lines in the bank and we have our own gym too. Pretty much convenient.


(Clockwise L-R: Me taking selfie in the office lobby while waiting in the elevator, Breakout room where I usually hang out and do my work stuff and Globe interior in our office walls)

Exploring restaurants within the area to familiarize with the place. Here are some of the food spots that I've been to.


(L-R Clockwise: Heaven's Barbecue, Good Earth Roasts & JT's Manukan Grill)


(L-R Clockwise: Pasta Roni, Texas Roadhouse & Persia Grill)


(L-R Clockwise: Quiznos, Tony Roma's & Wee Nam Kee)

So far, what I love most are Pasta Roni and We Nam Kee because of the taste and price of the food. Will explore the other restaurants too.

Aside from food, there are also lots of movies that I'm really looking forward to watch this summer. I've watched Maleficent with my fellow May birthday celebrants in my new office. I so love Angelina Jolie's portrayal, she really gave justice to the role. However, the story line is not quite good as I expected it to be. It was okay though, the only comment that I have is that it's totally out of context that the Sleeping Beauty that we all used to know.


Also watched the X-Men Days of the Future Past yesterday. I still love X-Men First Class though. I love Blink, Quicksilver and Sunspot's mutant powers it was awesome. I just couldn't understand the last part though. The one after the ending credits, I don't know what that means...

Since, I'm such a movie buff these days, I also want to watch The Fault Our Stars which everybody is raving about in Facebook that it's really a lovely film and an ultimate tearjerker. Now, it intrigues me and I really want to watch it too.

Met with my ex-marketing people of JobsDB for a quick dinner at BGC. It was fun seeing them again and there were really lots of catching up. Here's a pic of our get together.


It's actually 4 years since I left JobsDB, time flies really fast.

I guess that would be all for now. The next succeeding days will be of course busy. Father's day is coming up too and I can't wait to celebrate it since I will be seeing the whole fambam again. Catch up with you really soon!




May. 21st, 2014

First Day High!

After a long hiatus from the corporate work, I'm finally back again! Yes! Finally! I actually nailed a job. Gosh! The whole journey on getting back at my two feet was exhausting and I was really starting to feel hopeless. Trust me, you really have that drive, confidence, optimism and a very long strip of patience if you really want to find a job that you really like. Take it from me. It was not easy. That's why, when I found out that I finally got accepted... I wanted to scream and kiss whoever who comes my way out of joy and excitement! So, thank you Lord for giving me this second chance. I feel blessed.

I will still be working in sales though but still in digital but doing mobile ads this time. It is a challenging post but I'm pretty excited because there is so many things for me to learn. So, I hope that this is it! I am having mixed emotions right now. Nervous, happy, excited... I just couldn't explain it. I just hope and pray that everything will be great from this day onward. I just couldn't afford any mishaps at this point. So please God, bless me in this journey! Hope I will finally make it big!

Anyway, I arrived in the office and started my orientation. Of course, as expected... Usual rules were discussed. blah... blah... blah... All is well, but still need to clarify some things though. After that, I went to our office in The Fort and had a late lunch before reporting. I scouted the area and found out that most of the restaurants there are so expensive! Gosh! The nearest and the cheapest food place there are Mc Donald's which you will still walk 2 blocks and J.T.'s Manukan which you will cross the street. Nothing else... Earlier, I decided to eat at Recovery Food. It's like a level-up version of a cafeteria. They serve Filipino fusion. I ended up ordering this rice bowl called "happy beef something" (I actually forgot the name of the food!) Food was okay, it taste like your popular "pares" the only thing is the beef is very very tender and it was served with either white or brown rice.


I browsed the menu and there are few bits and pieces that I find interesting like the Ramen which cost Php 240 bucks, spicy tuyo meal and caramelized adobo. What's my verdict: "Pwede na if you really have no choice and you are tired with chicken and fastfood!"

After lunch, my boss texted me and told me that he will not be able to report to work and told me to go home already since there's nothing much to do. So there goes my first day experience... got home earlier than expected and try to get rest as much as I could because for sure... the next succeeding days will be busy as ever!

Looking forward in this another wonderful journey as I enter a new chapter in my life...




May. 16th, 2014

So Many Kwento!

Sorry it's been awhile since I last updated. My schedule was hectic. Here's a quick rundown on what happened.


Time to say goodbye to Nanay, Tatay, Ate Wheng & Marshall! Yes, after the big day. It was a series of "get togethers" since we will not be seeing them again for such a long time. We had our last hurrah at Shrimp Bucket in Q.C. Food was superb! I love the Mardi Gras Mussels not too spicy not too sweet also, it was just right. I also love their Chicken Wings which the kids favorite dish too.


Accompanied them to the airport to bid farewell to them. I wish them all the best! Most especially, to my cousin Wheng because she will about to enter another chapter of her life. I'm so excited to see my future "pamangkins" too!


I have been eating out lately and the best way to enjoy it is to try out the new restaurants in the area. So here's a quick verdict to what my tummy has been up to lately...

T-Cup Zone

Ordered their Passion Fruit Tea Shake which I find it really good but please do not order their Spaghetti! I repeat, do not order their Spaghetti because it was really awful! Another thing is that most on the menu were not available so I did have a hard time choosing something to eat that's why I ended up ordering the worst! The good news is, it is very good for meeting and hanging out with your friends. Spacious and fast wifi connection too.


Not everyone knows this place but this restaurant is very good. This is the one near Angelicum College and Sto. Domingo Church. We usually, hold our family events here since it's near at my sister's place. They are also famous with their Sans Rival. So finally, I got the chance to visit again since I was in the area. Food was so good and has a lot of variety and surprisingly at a very low cost. Decided to order the Sausage & Garlic pasta which I really love plus bottomless iced tea for only Php 88. Can you believe it?! Then, I decided to have breaded porkchop with gravy which was good too. The cheese pizza was only Php 68 and of course the sans rival. I will definitely go back again!


Fleur De Lys

This restaurant is owned by one of the famous chefs in the country Chef Jackie (if I remembered it correctly!) they are very famous in their pastries which is really good. But I decided to order rice meal since I had late lunch. Ordered their 40 Cloves Garlic Chicken. Love the taste but the only thing that I comment is that the chicken is not that tender. Some parts are already rubbery. The place is cozy though and staff were very attentive in the customers' needs.



After my quick lunch, I decided to meet up with my ex-boss Anna. One time, I was watching Kris TV and saw her she was being interviewed and her restaurant was featured. So I decided to try it out again since Kris Aquino is raving that the Wild Mushroom Pasta is really good. So that's what I've ordered along with the Fried Ravioli which is my favorite. I am already familiar with the restaurant for the longest time, I just didn't know that she actually owned it already. So I met with her and there were lots of catching up! She had an additional order, the Talong Lasting Love pizza. I was never a fan of eggplant but I really like the pizza. It's really good. We did some food tasting too. Love the mushroom soup. Then had a couple of Johnnie Walker on the rocks for our nightcap. It was nice seeing her again along with the good food. Will definitely go back again!


New City Food House

This restaurant is also one of hidden treasures in Q.C. Located at Kalayaan Avenue, I decided to meet with Bob to finally catch up with him. We ordered Sausage Fried Rice, Buttered Chicken which is one of their bestsellers according to the menu (I love how it is buttered with sauce in it!) and our favorite Egg Puyong (it's an omelette with veggies and oyster sauce in it!) The good thing about it is that... Aside from it is really cheap, food is really great too!



I finally set my foot at the newest mall in the metro, Fisher Mall. It is just 30 minute drive from our place that's why it is actually convenient. My sisters are raving about it since they all went there already and most especially, they told me to try out their cinema. I like the mall because it was not crowded enough. Though the shops are still not complete yet. But the essentials were there. Decided to watch The Amazing Spiderman 2 to check out their cinema. I couldn't even remember the last time when I was in the cinema, I guess it was Avengers which is eons ago!!!


Now here's my shameless movie review for this film...

Love, love, Love... Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone is actually my new girl crush! I love both of their portrayals! I love the special effects but not much on the fight scenes, I feel that the other Spiderman movies have better fight scenes than this one. I love the Green Goblin's tranformation is it very evil compared to previous ones. It justified the "villain-y" role of Green Goblin which I like. There's just no consistency about the storylines. I guess, it is just really an adaptation and excerpts on the comics. Sad that Gwen Stacy died. Though, I am still a Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson love team fan! Jamie Foxx is very effective as Electro. He gave justice to the role.

Overall is was a-okay. Though it could've been better. I'm looking forward for more action filled Spiderman movies and I hope that this time more villains and secretly hoping that Black Cat will already appear as one of the villains.


I can't believe that my age is not in the calendar already. I feel so old. And as my friend told me, Welcome to Mega Lotto! hahaha! Seriously, there are just so many things to be thankful for. I couldn't deny the fact that last year was kinda rough. But truly, God has a purpose why I am in this journey. This made me realize so many things and so many things have change. And I'm proud to say that I've changed! Those who knew me very well will be able to notice it. I'm so proud also that I'm such a fighter! I never gave up despite of everything that have happened.

I am just so thankful. And I just wish for one thing... That things will get better! Didn't plan for a big party or anything. Not even a simple feast. But despite of the lack of these things, it is still one of the happiest birthdays. So thank you Lord for another year and cheers for more years to come!


That weekend was also mother's day. After church, the whole fambam celebrated Mother's Day by having a simple lunch at Mann Hann. As usual, chinese food is the best... Ended up being so full! We also tried the new restaurant in Q.C. The Breakfast Club for the desserts. Cakes are dry though, what I like is the Peanut Butter Cake which is made out of Choc-nut! But it is nothing spectacular. Just so-so. Kinda expensive though since they are serving steaks.

Thank you Mom for everything. I love you and someday I will repay you.


After my long hiatus in the corporate world, I'm now back with a vengeance! hahaha! (Vengeance talaga?!) No seriously, will be starting my new work next week as a Digital Solutions Manager. It is still a sales post but this time focus on mobile. I hope that everything will work out already. So again, I couldn't thank Lord enough to continue to shower me with more blessings. I really hope that this is it!

That would be all for now... Catch with you really soon.



May. 8th, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

I will just make this quick and simple.

Today marks my 32nd birthday. It is been a wild ride. I have realized that there are so many things that I should be thankful and grateful for. Thank you God for everything. For making me realize so many things, for continue to bless me in your own ways and for making me a better person. And I know for a fact that I am...

To all of the people who greeted me and remember this special day, Thank you! Thanks for making me feel special in sort of kinda way. This day is truly awesome!

Cheers! Much more birthdays to come!




Will update really soon! :)
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Apr. 21st, 2014

9 Things Lately...

I'm back! I apologize for not writing that soon. These past couple of weeks have been very busy. There are so many events to attend and things that are needed to accomplish. Truly, this summer vacation is a blast!


I have decided to meet up with one of my closest couple friends; Abbey & Titan. We had a quick lunch at Mc Donald's in Victory Mall and accompanied them all the way to Divisoria to buy stuff for Ava's birthday and christening. For me, I think one of the best things that you can give is... Time! So I did. Anyway, I couldn't exactly remember when was the last time I've been there! It's been ages! I'm glad that there are already lots of improvements that I've seen since my last visit. Well done Mayor Estrada! We ended up going to this old rummage building that sells only toys and party needs. Talk about cheap finds! It's really half the price when you compare it to mall prices. If you really have the time and effort, you are in for a treat!


Still, it is one of the busiest streets in the metro and you can't just get enough of people shopping for cheap finds from various walks of life!


My cousin Wheng, arrived from Singapore with her fiance, Marshall. The whole family was excited to see her for two main reasons; first is that, it is the first time we will be seeing his fiance and second, it's been awhile since we had a wedding in the family. I think the last time was with my sister Armi which is really a long time ago. We stopped by at my sister's clinic in Makati and they had foot spa and facial treatment there. Then, we had lunch in Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 2. I'm not really a fan of Filipino cuisine but this one surely tops my list! I so love the Corned Beef Sinigang & Grilled Squid. I also love the Sago't Gulaman bottomless serving which complimented the very hot weather.


After lunch, I accompanied them to buy Marshall's suit for the wedding. Glad that we managed to find one in no time and just right for their budget! As for our last stop, we went to the wedding gown designer to finalize the gown that my cousin will wear for the wedding. We ended up having dinner at my sister's place in Banawe. It was indeed a tiring day.


Ryan and Teteng fetched me as we all went to Obando, Bulacan to attend the Ava's christening and birthday celebration. We stopped by at the church and attended the christening ceremony since I'm one of the "ninongs" and then we went to a place called, The Headquarters for the lunch. Food was great! I love the Honey Chicken! I will try to search for the recipe and try to cook it!


It was nice seeing my high school friends again! Hope more events to happen like these. It feels good to be back!


The day started hectic! Woke up later than the usual. I quickly prepared and went to Trinoma to accompany my cousin because she had a meeting with the wedding coordinator. We had lunch at Cafe Mary Grace, I started with the Wild Mushroom Soup which I really like, followed by the Spicy Lemon Scampi Pasta, I requested for less spice though! I am a fan of olive oil based pasta that's why I ended up really liking it. The serving is big too! Just right for the price! On the side, we ordered a pitcher of ice cold Peach iced tea. Love the sweetness flavor into it and lastly, to seal the deal, I had Mango Benne for dessert! Yum!


After that, we went to National Bookstore and bought some materials that were used for the wedding. I stopped by at Dunkin Donuts and ordered my favorite Ham & Cheese Bunwich, Strawberry Filled & Bubble Gum Kreme flavored donuts! I fetched Brianna & Sam to their place and went to Damar Village since they practiced along with the rest of my nephews and nieces for their wedding performance. While doing that, I finalized the songs and pictures to be used for the scrapbook and AVP presentation. Then, my sister ordered dinner at King's Chef ordered dimsums and chow mien! Got home around 8 p.m. already!


Went to Tagaytay had late lunch and merienda combined at Goldilocks. After our stopover, the road trip to Tagaytay begins. We arrived in Tagaytay roughly around 7:30 p.m. and it was so freaking cold! What a wonderful feeling in this hot summer season! Everyone was excited aside from the wedding event, this is just the time that we are complete as a family.


Slept late since we did the final touches for the wedding.


Started the day in full swing! Literally! Everybody was already busy preparing for the big day. The ceremony started some time around 5 p.m. I can't help but cry as I saw my cousin walked down the aisle. It was such an emotional moment! Food was great of course!



Overall, the wedding was a success! There were some loopholes but it was all manageable. At the end of the day, it is still an affair to remember and cherish for the rest of our lives! To my cousin, Wheng Baltazar I'm really glad that you have already found "The One" and I'm sure that it will be blissful marriage. We will surely miss you though as you will be moving to Canada! *sniff sniff* Again, congratulations and best wishes to you and Marshall! God bless you both!


Visita Iglesia is usually done on Maundy Thursday but since there was no enough time yesterday so we ended up doing it on a Good Friday. Surprisingly, there were still many people who are doing the same. We visited 7 churches as we did the Station of the Cross. Our Lady of Lourdes Church, UST Church, San Sebastian Church, San Beda Church, Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church & St. Therese Chapel.


We had lunch at Max's, I love their Sinigang sa Hipon & Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce! Then, we went to the airport and fetch Carlo's brother who came from London. We all had a dose of Chowking's Halo-Halo just in time for the hot weather! Our last stop was at SM Savemore and did some quick grocery shopping since there is no food left already!


Went to Padre Pio Shrine at Sto. Tomas, Batangas with my titas and cousins! Aside from visiting the shrine which is really our main purpose... We also celebrated the birthday of my Tita Melfa. We did a round of station of the cross and tour around the shrine. I'm actually impressed with the place. It is really such a blessed and cleansed experience. Then, we decided to go to Tagaytay and have lunch. We ended up eating at Pamana which is owned by the Ongpauco's. I love the Sinigang Bangus and Binagoongang Bagnet!



Happy Easter!

Went to my sister's place since today is my niece Ieshia's birthday celebration! So happy to see everyone again!



After the party, my cousin Wheng and my sister Grace decided to have a massage at Holiday Spa in Quezon City. I'm really a sucker for massages! Started by taking a warm shower, went to the sauna to release some body toxins and then followed by a relaxing massage. I was in sheer heaven. After that, we went to St. Luke's Hospital and visited my sister who was confined earlier that day. Glad that it was nothing serious though.

That would be all for now. Catch with you soon!



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