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Nov. 15th, 2010

Piling Up!

I'm now problematic!

I wish i can go back to being a kid wherein all I think about is when will be my next play date and what's time is my next meal! Now that I'm 28, there are so many responsibilities that are piling up which I don't have any idea how will I be able to manage! For starters, screw Smart's customer service for sending the billing late which I am so not aware of that my phone bill got accumulated and turned out that I have to pay Php 15,000 for my phone bill! And now where will i get 15k in a snap?! I really have to come up with the solution pretty soon or else I will be doomed! I can't actually survive doing everyday business without my phone line! :(

Adding to my stress are my uber-pasaway clients who still haven't settle their bills to us. If they will not pay, it's goodbye commission for me which means no fun this holiday season due to budget contraints! I can't afford to have that commission that is entitled to me because that's the only thing that I am really looking forward towards the end of the year! That's why I have started talking to them and make sure that they will be able to settle their bills once and for all! Hello, Doomsday!

I am keeping my cool and trying my very best to stay positive! I hope that I can survive this and make it work before the holiday starts! I am really routing in having a positive holidays with my love ones! So Lord, help me! I just can't afford to be miserable at the happiest time of the year!

On a positive note... Jerome & Leah's wedding turn out to be a blast! Congratulations to the both of you! I wish you guys the best and I hope that there will be a baby soon! :)

Today, it was a full packed day in the office. I had my weekly dose of my Monday morning client meetings, status updates with my boss and I am ended my work day for another client meeting. I ended up having lunch alone in Ortigas at 4 p.m. already! Yes, I am that workaholic! So I am hoping that everything will actually pay off!

I'm now here at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Tomas Morato just finished wrapped up my meeting with a client. I am now killing time because I will be meeting my friends at Cafe 77 to hang out and catch up! It's been such a long time since the last time we saw each other! So I'm really routing for an exciting night! I really need the distraction and not think about the problems that I am encountering right now or else, I will totally lose it!

Cheers to having a good times and survival!

You know you love me (Yes God! I'm talking to you! Please hear my prayers!),

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Nov. 11th, 2010

Long Time...

As expected, the rain was pouring really hard the whole afternoon. I did have a hard time going back to the office. There were so many things that I had to do! It was crazy in the office. My lappy is giving me a headache! I couldn’t install Skype in my computer which I will be using for my conference business call in Indonesia. Plus, I still have to finish ad reports, campaign briefing with the team and proposals to finish. All of these were done in a span of 3 hours! Can you believe it?! Thank God that everything was delivered on time. It was truly a photo finish!

After office, Jayjay asked me to accompany her at Enchante in Oakwood because she will be gracing an art show organized by her Assumption batchmate who are the owners of Gloria Jeans Coffee, Gold’s Gym and Miladay Jewelries. As expected, the who’s who in the celebrity and high society world were there! We just went around and checked the paintings and Jayjay ended up buying two which are both cute! I was amazed because they are a family of painters, the one that my boss bought were paintings done by a 6 and a 10-year-old kid. They are such talented kids! I was really impressed!

After the show, we went directly to her place to have dinner. Pasta & steak are on the menu so expect that it will truly be a scrumptious meal! YUM! I couldn’t remember the last time that we hang out together. Glad that we had a chance to hang out again! I really miss this! We have a lot of catching up to do. After that, we met up with her business partners at Bouroughs in Podium just to swing by and say hi to a couple of more friends. We finished sometime around 9-ish!

Anyway, that would be all for now… Lots of stories to tell pretty soon!!! I’m full pack over the weekend!



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Nov. 9th, 2010

Positive Vibes

Facebook status for the day: "Positive vibes... routing for a positive week! Enjoy the week everyone!!!!"

It is indeed a positive day for me! I'm glad that finally, the planets and stars of the universe have aligned to actually send me positive aura! Okay, I feel like a fake fortune teller. So I will cut to the chase!

First, Thank you Lord! For the never ending blessings that you have continue to shower me. I have always learned the hard way but at the end of the day, you always make sure that you deliver and I couldn't thank you enough and words literally can't express how grateful I am to be able to receive the blessings that you have given me. From the bottom of my heart thank you. I will bring it all back to you!

Second, It seems like that I will going to hit my annual target. Nothing is really final. But I can really feel that I would be able to achieve my goal. I'm glad that all my hardwork are actually paying off little by little. I have actually closed my 159k account already and I still got 4 on my pipeline. I wish that all these accounts will be closed within the month so that I have nothing to worry about this December. I will claim it already: "I will be hitting my targets for this year!" God will provide! :)

Third, I am glad that finances are finally straightening out. I'm adjusting but at least slowly it's working out for the best. I have computed already how much I will be receiving before the year ends and I am actually happy with the figures of what I saw! And I am really aiming zero debt by the end of the year and I think that this is very feasible... :)

Lastly, things that are happening with my personal life is great too. My dad's health condition is already stable. I miss my friend's though, we all have been very busy with our schedules and we literally have no time to see each other that often like we used to be. Hopefully, we will be able to catch up pretty soon. Love department is going well too. He will be picking me up in any minute now...

Hope that all these positive things that are happening will continue!!! I deserve a break you know!!! :)

I will be leaving you the Teenage Dream version of Glee. Super like! :) Can't wait for tomorrow's episode! This one is for you honey!!!

I guess that would be all for now. Talk to you later!



Sep. 25th, 2010

The Rundown

A birthday party, a welcome party, a hospital visit, 19 business meetings and a funeral… It’s indeed a one hell of a roller coaster ride on what happened this week.


I woke up later than my usual because I did experience a very stressful week. I realized that I was already late for a party. I took a quick shower and left immediately. Traffic was horrible in EDSA, it took me at least 1 hour and 30 minutes to go to Trinoma which normally took me 15 minutes if there’s no traffic. I was so late that when I arrived; the party was in full swing already.

The Red Box experience didn’t go quite well as planned; the videoke machine was not functioning. In return, the management gave us over flowing of food. On a positive note, I love the steamed fish, pasta and the cinnamon turon. It was nice being with my high school friends again for such a long time. It brings back good old memories, Archie and Popa were so funny.

We stopped by at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to kill time. I found out that the KC’s son, Nathan is the classmate of my niece Maddy in Mont Michel. Small world huh?! KC and I were talking the whole afternoon about her joys of motherhood. It was funny because I remembered that we were talking about boys, fashion and music and now, we were talking about kids, school and diapers. We really have grown a lot!

When everyone left already, Almark, Michael, Melan and me decided to have dinner at Recipes. I ordered my favorite General’s Chicken. Dinner was superb. After that, Almark and I hang out at Baang Coffee and then we met with my friends, Denver, Derek, Norman and Regin at Kalye Juan. It was Regin’s despidida party. He will be going to U.S. and will be staying there for 3 months for a business project. We didn’t stay that long since; the night was really all about Almark, to have a taste of Manila nightlife. We all went to O Bar Ortigas and danced the night away. After a couple of beers, I have decided to go home already. I really didn’t plan to stay that long because I was really dead tired!


It was a Sunday. It was Julia’s birthday celebration. She turned 8 last September 16. How time flies really fast, I clearly remember 8 years ago when she was so tiny. I always bond with her every morning and watch her favorite show, Barney. I literally, know all the lyrics of all the Barney songs because that’s what we watch every morning. I remembered seeing her dancing with the tune of “Mr. Golden Sun” and “All of the Raindrops” and I was so fond of her. Now that she’s growing up really fast. She’s now a big fan of Hanna Montana and Jonas Brothers! It was just like yesterday…

We heard mass at Damar Village with the whole family and went to Blue Wave. We ate and rented a small function room at Aling Tonyang’s. The food was great! I especially like the buttered shrimps and calamari. I normally don’t do a second round on food serving but I actually ended up at having 3! It is always such a good feeling every time there is a family gathering. We all have very busy lives and we seldom have the chance to actually be complete.

After Aling Tonyang’s, we went directly to Mall of Asia. And can I just give a piece of advice not to go to Mall of Asia when they are in sale?! It was insane! We strolled around and let the kids have a good time. I had my quick snack at a food stall, I-Spice. I love the fries because it’s thick and you can actually choose a special dip, I chose Garlic Parmesan which I really like but what I don’t like are the waffle dogs. The hotdogs were dry and it taste like paper! UGH! Our last stopover was at Jollibee, they had their dinner. I wasn’t in the mood to eat anymore because I was dead beat already!

I wasn’t in the mood to go out anymore but it left me no other choice when my high school friend, Michael fetched me to have coffee with them. I had to meet with them because I need to get the medicines that I have ordered for my Dad. Stayed for an hour or so and I have decided to leave already because I still have another set of friends to meet. I went to Oyster Boy Cubao and met with Jaffy, JC, Lester & Norman who I haven’t seen for such a long time. We stayed there for hours chatting non-stop like there’s no tomorrow. We ended up packing up at 3 a.m. already.


Since this week, the plan is to really step up in the business game and get back on track since I am way behind my targets. I worked my ass to meet all the advertising agencies in the metro. After a week of setting up meetings, I booked a total of 19 meetings. It did actually paid off, for I closed an 80,000 deal and I am still waiting for my 150,000 deal which hopefully push through before the month ends. It’s good that I am slowly getting there already since I really needed the money for my personal needs. I hope that everything will push through as it was planned.

While doing business, I decided to have fun as well while I am out of the office doing what I love, EAT. Yes, I am seriously doing some restaurant hopping in Makati and I found some several fabulous dining finds. I have a very limited and strict budget so I couldn’t actually go all out! But nevertheless, I still had a great time. It is always such a liberating experience for me to go out alone and enjoy being independent, singlehood and spending quality time by myself.

Here’s a quick rundown on where I have been dining in lately…


I was looking for a cheap but yummy lunch somewhere in Valero. I was walking in the street and I saw this long line. I was curious and checked it out and then I saw it. I remembered my boss; Jayjay brought it to the office and I actually liked it. I just didn’t know it was that cheap. Cheap in the sense that for a 75 bucks you get a quarter roasted chicken. The chicken was juicy and tender and gravy was good too! What I don’t like about it, is that the restaurant was just for takeout. So since, I was really craving for that chicken, I still ordered it anyway.

Krispy Kreme

I was killing time for my next meeting and then I saw this newly opened Krispy Kreme in Valero. I decided to stay there for the fact that they have free wifi. I would be able to check my office emails and do work while I’m having my favorite Powdered Strawberry Doughnut and my Green Apple Iced Tea. The ambience was superb and the good thing about it is that they have lots of electric plugs. Seldom do I find cafés that has electrical plug. Staff is very courteous too. I found another hangout place which is truly heaven for me! 

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is an all-American casual dining restaurant found in the heart of Greenbelt 5. It has drawn my attention because of its fun and modern interior. Yes there is wifi and there’s an available electrical plug which is a plus point. The prices were reasonable. I ordered the German Sausage Frankfurters and boy they really do have big servings. I wasn’t able to finish it. I am looking forward in trying out their milkshakes and steaks next time because I believe it’s one of their best sellers.


My all time favorite authentic Chinese restaurant in Binondo. At times, in the middle of the night, I will take a cab from my place to Caloocan and go all the way to Binondo just to visit this restaurant. I discovered it through my sister Grace because they always go to Binondo and eat at Waying. I ordered my usual Beef Mami, Fried Dumplings and Roasted Duck rice. The prices are very reasonable. They are open everyday and closes at 2 a.m. it’s pretty convenient if you are a nocturnal person because most of the restaurants in Binondo are already closed at that time. This is my best partner everytime I have my movie night. Eating while watching my favorite television series or movie in DVD, this is one of my ways to relax and take my mind off things.

I will try to share you more of my dining experience in my next entries…. 


I was at the office and I got a text from my sister Nadia asking me to go to the hospital because the family has decided to take out the respirator from my uncle and we will all going to bid farewell and say our final words to him as a family. I arrived in the hospital and everyone is already in a gloomy state. I felt blank when I arrived; I was thinking that someone has to be composed and strong if any of the family members break down. I was keeping my cool.

One by one, my cousins, aunts and uncles started to arrive bursting into tears. I felt sad and thinking that how they will be able to survive this. After my sister has narrated to me the whole journey since she was there to accompany my Tita, my heart sank. It was such an emotional and painful experience for the whole family. I could see my Mom bursting into tears which broke my heart into pieces. We did one round of rosary and I can see Tito Adam’s family break down and cry like there was no tomorrow. I felt really bad for them. I hope that I will not be able to experience the same hardship and pain when I die. I just really wanted it to be peaceful.

Through this whole ordeal, it made me realized two very important things. We really have to plan everything here on Earth while we are still alive. Yes, even death! Morbid as it may sound but I do believe that everything has to be in place because you don’t want your love ones to be experiencing enough hardships like the way that we have experienced during the whole ordeal of my uncle. It was painful and stressful.

And second, the only thing that will be able to help you when you hit rock bottom is really your family. When push comes to shove and when you feel that there’s no escape already. You really have no other option but to turn to your family wherein you will be able to draw strength and be there to support with each other in any way that you can!

And as I end this, I am making a vow. Whatever storm that my family member will face, whatever trials that will come our way, I got their backs as the same way they got mine!

May you rest in peace Tito Adam… Enjoy your journey afterlife!

That will be all for now.



Sep. 15th, 2010

Confession Box: My Ultimate Dream


We all make them. Sometimes if you are lucky, an eraser will do the trick. How we wish that there’s an “eraser” who will just make mistakes go away in real life situations in just a snap! But that delusional concept will forever remain a fantasy. Reality bites. The moment that you realize your mistakes, it has already blown out of proportion and there’s nothing that you can do and the option that is left for your is to actually face the music and be the best person that you can be and pray hard that you will be able to survive the trials that come your way. We hope. We try to be optimistic about things even though that deep in our hearts that we are grieving in pain. And we move on…

This year has really been tough for me! I have experienced series of misfortunes in almost every aspect of my life. And it is not just me, even with the people around me! I literally battle it out one day at a time in order for me to survive of what’s happening around me. I just felt that it is never ending, one problem got solve and there will be two problems will pop out right in front of you. It’s really driving me crazy!

I am the typical human being.

I just really want to have a happy and normal life in general. A solid career, an established future, maybe, a small business on the side to sustain my needs, sometimes wants… I want means to be able help my family. To have a partner who will be there for me and loyal friends who will be my support system. A healthy life until the day that day that I am ready and finally end my mission here on Earth, I don’t want to die being miserable and lonely on what happened in my life.

Seriously, I’m not even looking at material things at this point and believe it or not, it’s really not my priority. But if destiny permits, why not? But in a simpler manner, I am pretty much happy if I will be able to eat at which restaurant to dine, once in awhile to buy the clothes that I want, maybe buy a car and a house and travel a little.

Is it that too much to ask? I do hope not.

My wish is that God will give me the strength and wisdom to be able to live the life that I picture out. I am constantly learning, trying to be cautious and be observant of my actions for me to improve the quality of life that I want to achieve.

I do stick with my principle. Of course, aside from God, I solely have the power to make my life turn around. And I am starting it now. I have decided that I am taking a big leap to keep me reaching for my dreams.

I am ending this entry on a positive spin despite of the negative things that I am experiencing at this point. I will remain positive! I am ready for change. It doesn’t have to be drastic. I will keep it minimal. I will start with the smallest things until it will be accumulated that it will become something big. I am fighter and survivor to begin with. It’s not going to be easy, but I do believe that in one point or another, I will be able to get there.

And I would like to give tribute to the people who are close to my heart and experiencing serious misfortunes as this point in their lives…

To my brother-in-law, who just had a motorcycle accident, I know that you will pull it through.

To my uncle, who is now in his final stage of cancer, God will work on his ways, just keep on praying.

To my family and relatives, who are experiencing an ordeal, we will be able to survive this as family. We just have to stick together.

To my friend (you know who you are!), you are very strong, and this will just be a piece of cake for you. You will get through this, that’s a promise! I got your back and have my full support! (as long you are not going to do anything drastic! LOL)

To my ex, always remember and go back our car conversation, I stand by what I have said, you will always be a special part of my life and you have a special place in my heart. I will be here for you until the brink of doom.

Positive thoughts! Have a good night sleep everyone!



Aug. 30th, 2010

Savor the Moment

Weekends are always a blast! Aside from the fact that it is the time for me not think about work, it’s also a good time to catch up with family and friends! There are so many things that happened; from a fun night out all the way to a hospital visit. We should really savor the moment our life here on Earth and enjoy it to the fullest!

Savor the moment with your friends…

It was one of those Saturday, there’s nothing much to do at home so I decided to go out. All of my close friends have decided to stay home so I went out all by myself. I really wanted this night out because it’s been such a long time since I went out. I just wanted to check out what’s happening out there, know what I have been missing and may be drink couple of booze and then leave already. I didn’t really plan to stay up late. I guess that’s the effect of getting older, you party less!

Seriously, I have already experienced it all. I started going to bars when I was 18 years old. I was there. I was one of the most common faces people in the crowd. I can go out alone not worrying if I will be bored because I know for a fact that I will meet someone that I know and hang out with them. Let’s fast forward ten years after… Now, it’s totally different! I don’t enjoy the thumping music anymore like I used to be. I don’t want crowded bars wherein they always end up accidentally stomping your foot or spilled their drinks on you. It was clearly not my scene anymore. All I want now is to chill out with my friends, pretty laid back setting, drinking coffee or beer in my hand and have good conversations! I can say that I am so done with party scene already!

Anyway, going back... I saw Bobbie, Lester and Shin and we all ended up hanging out together. They are my friends who I met in BM way back exactly 10 years ago. BM is one of the most popular chat rooms back in 2000. It opened a whole new world for me. I was able to widen my network and met really nice people who I ended up being friends with. As we recall all our shenanigans at that time, the meetings, the daily meet ups, the fashion! It was so funny! I ended up staying late anyway, but it was worth it!

Savor the moment with your family…

Sunday came and I just decided to stay home and maybe do some DVD marathon. My day started in a cranky mood. My mom was already banging my door at 10 a.m. With less than four hours of sleep, I managed to get up. I have realized that it was my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. Amazing right?! We decided to have an intimate lunch together at the Seaside Paluto. Food was superb as always and I could see that my parents enjoyed it!

My parents are such an inspiration to me! The sacrifices that they have been through! They really stick with each other, through the good times and the bad! I am just thankful to God for giving me such wonderful parents! We are not the perfect family, but at the end of the day… I do believe that we have each other’s back at times of grief and trials that comes our way.

Thanks to Mom and Pop for raising us well, providing us the things that we need and for loving us unconditionally. I don’t often express my feelings but I do want to tell the whole wide world that I love my parents deeply and I wouldn’t trade them for a million years! I am so lucky to have them in my life! Yes, we do have some issues but I know for a fact that no challenges that we couldn’t survive as a family!

Cheers for another 40 years of your marriage! We love you Mom & Dad! Happy Anniversary!

Savor the moment with the living…

Monday, end of the long weekend! We had a 2nd part of our parents’ wedding anniversary celebration! This time we are complete! All of my nephews and nieces went to our place. I was so happy to see them! They grew up so fast! It seems like it was yesterday when I am still afraid to touch them because they were so tiny!

After the party, we went to visit our uncle in the hospital who is already at stage four of his cancer. We arrived there, it was my first time to actually see him in flesh since he got confined. Dreadful thoughts came into my mind when I saw him in his hospital bed. No wonder, Mom often burst out crying when she is at home. I really feel bad. He is so thin and his skin has already darkened due to his radiation therapy. I saw him breakdown into pain. I saw my aunts and my sister shed tears. We started praying the rosary all together. It was such an intense prayer! It was the first time I saw my aunt and sister are speaking “spiritual tongues”. I was nervous as hell and scared at the same time! It was like they are speaking a different kind of language that nobody understands. It was like a spirit took over their bodies while they prayed. It was such a revelation and an inspiration at the same time.

It was a very sad moment. I know that each one of us will go in that same direction. Death. But I don’t want to die like that! I want it to be peaceful. Seeing that moment, made me realize that life is really short… My aunts and cousins are just savoring the moment with their brother, father and husband while they can still have the chance. No one knows what will happen next right?!

As I close this, we always took people and things for granted. That is a fact of life. A realization came to my mind that it is really not too late to express your love and affection to the people that you love. I would say, be brave enough and grab the chance already to say the things that you want to say while they are still alive before it’s too late!

It’s the end of long weekend! It will be a full pack week ahead! As I am about to sleep, prayers for my uncle’s speedy recovery and may his family will be given enough strength to handle the trial that they are facing as of the moment!

Carpe Diem!



Aug. 28th, 2010

A High Time Reunion

I was with my former colleagues last night. Jorim, came up with an idea of organizing a reunion with former 88DB.com people. I was kind of hesitant to go at first because leaving 88DB.com was one of the hardest experiences that I have encountered in my career. It brought me back bad memories. Going back memory lane, I have discovered the whole new world of office politics. They always say that when it comes to work it’s really nothing personal but sometimes it really do gets personal and it results will be all ugly. That’s what happened to me.

I am not generalizing, but seeing again the people who stabbed you at the back when you are in a middle of the crisis… I am silently wondering how I will be able to handle that?! I was having mixed emotions and torn whether to go or not. I decided to go anyway. I have pulled myself all together knowing that my conscience it’s clean and I have really got nothing to hide.

One by one, they started to arrive. Surprisingly, seeing them again was a happy feeling! I didn’t feel any grudges anymore and I started to loosen up and just enjoyed the night. We did catch up on what’s happening with each other’s lives and stories to reminisce when we were still together under in one roof. It was hilarious!

It was clearly that everyone has already moved on. I am happy that most of them are now earning a lot more and there were also a lot of revelations. Some of them are now part of big companies and holds management positions. I have to say that they have evolved. The underdog before is now a performer! The person who is always been a joke turned out to be one of the most successful people in the room! Life is really a roller coaster ride!

We ended up having a really great time! It was no pity party for me or to anybody. No more drama, no more pain. It was just pure fun! That event made me realize that there’s a whole new world out there and it’s up to us to make our own destiny! You will always have a choice to make things better and work for you!

I am just happy and proud that they took the right choices…

Until the next reunion! :)



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